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5 Awesome Graffiti Street Artists to Watch

5 Awesome Graffiti Street Artists to Watch

I wanted to showcase 5 awesome street art graffiti artists by the likes of Banksy, DALeast, Martin Ron Argentina, Eduardo Kobra and Roa, just to name a few.

So, just sit back and enjoy the awesomeness!

Banksy’s work is mostly recognisable by his masterly skill of stencil and dark humor. He is talented at hiding his real identity which probably has something to do with his satirical graffiti murals that have social and political suggestions. He is one of the most famous street artist in the world.


DALeast was born in China and has inherited the title of ‘ the most prolific street artist of our time’.  His art captures the emotions of his audience and releases a sense of wonder.  How he captures movement and form with his fragmented lines is powerfully visual and emotional.


Martin Ron Argentina is one of Argentinas finest street graffiti artists. You have to love his massive scale, extremely realistic murals which are breathtaking.

Turtle image by Martin Ron Argentina

Eduardo Kobra (Brazilian) is certainly an artist to  keep our eyes on, as his kaleidoscope of strong bright colours with bold lines, triangles , squares brings his images to life with brilliance!


ROA is from Belgium and very little is known about this graffiti artist. As a young boy he collected rodent and bird skulls and then drew them. Hip-hop music pulled him into painting graffiti (bis and pieces under bridges and walls) until he evolved into and became addicted to nature of urban art. Roa is an artist known for his compulsion for animals and rodents

Graffiti artist Roa goat skull on a Moscow Wall in Russia


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